About Healthy Self

Hi, welcome to HealthySelfLifeCoach.com,

This site was created for those who wish to achieve a positive thinking, healthy lifestyle!

But lets talk a little about me first;-

My name is Warren Paul Ali and I am the eldest of four.  I was born in Hampstead, a leafy suburb of North London to mixed race parents.  My father is from the Fijian Islands via the Indian continent and my mother was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to English parents who later moved back to London.  My maternal grandmother was half Sicilian.  It’s quite a mix and I’m very proud and privileged to have great insight into such diverse cultures.  I got married in my early twenties and have two wonderful children, now young adults.

I have had various careers; from teaching and caring through to social work and travel.  Currently, I am a Station Manager responsible for two major central London rail stations.  As you would expect with this profession, I have to endure a lot of negative flak from the general public on a constant daily basis.  I know now that everything I endure has a purpose and a meaning for all those I come into contact with.  I know that I have a duty to learn but also to share and teach others what I have learned about the power of positive thinking.  My career has allowed me to continue the teaching/coaching aspects of my early life and I have slowly realised I have a genuine, creative flare and love for coaching.  I am responsible for many staff and an integral, crucial part of this responsibility is to train and coach my staff to achieve a better awareness in dealing with the general public safely.  Part of these coaching sessions emphasise a positive thinking mentality.  This includes how the staff’s reactions to the “occasionally belligerent” public is of prime importance to deflect potential aggression.  As a result my staff are more positive in their daily tasks, outlook and interaction with the public.

What is the aim of Healthy Self Life Coach?

The answer to this is in the name of the website itself.  There are no quick or instant fixes for whatever “issue” you may be dealing with in your life at present, so if you’ve come here for “instant” results…….sorry, but it just wont happen that fast, not yet!  The issues you face can always come back to just one thing and if you stand in front of a full length mirror, you will see the full reflection of those issues.  The solution to your issues ALWAYS come from within, please take a look at the website name again…..HealThyselfLifeCoach!  Notice there are no obvious physical changes to the structure of the name.  However the emphasis of that name has changed somewhat; to use the Olde English term “thyself”, reflects any changes you make must come from within.  And so it is with ourselves.  Like the “name” emphasis, you too can change your own life emphasis, NOT by changing your physicality, but by changing your attitude, your thoughts and your feelings.  When you change your attitude to life, love and living and change them slowly, deliberately and with a positive thinking conviction, you WILL change your physical life.  Guaranteed!

Your physical changes come from your mental changes, always!

This site has ultimately been created to assist me in forging a greater understanding of life coaching, business coaching and executive coaching……but primarily in helping you attain the peace of mind and clear conscience that is every living persons’ right to have.  This is a journey for both me and, with your support, help, stories, guidance….. a journey for us all.  For some this journey will allow you to learn and discover more of the great teachers of our time.  For others already knowing the benefits of these teachings, this will become a place where you can come and help spread the word about positive thinking in all its wonderful and often-times, mysterious ways.

As an introduction to how I ended up on this path of enlightenment and the reason for creating this website I thought I’d post how my own journey in positive thinking started.  Please follow this link here to read my own voyage of discovery.  I hope it will have some resonance with you.

If you would like more information or just curious about what positive thinking really means, you can contact me at warren@healthyselflifecoach.com


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