New Beginnings…..

Its has come to that time of year again and I am looking at the New Year wishes.  Lots of people will be making New Year resolutions knowing full well that come 2nd of January they would have been forgotten.  However there are those including myself who will be setting my intentions and making goals for 2017.  I feel good about the coming year and I am wondering whether that is because I have decided to close the door on what was 2016 rather then keeping it ajar.  One of my intentions will be to affirm that ” I am the power in my world and I get to have whatever I choose to think ” I will be also launching a new FB account linked to my new business and will be inviting you to share in the journey.

Bottom line is to stop looking behind us .  If you have closed the door then don’t keep going back to open it.  Of course behind that door are really good and fond memories plus great achievements which can be found in other places like FB but it is those memories that have caused us pain and anguish that we keep revisiting and these are only in our thoughts.  It’s those thoughts that hold us back from manifesting our dreams and desires.  You cant change the past only learn from it but if you haven’t done so then there is nothing to learn.

2017 is unknown. Your goals and intentions will unfold in ways you least expect them to.  Experience life in the moment because the moment is what matters.

So on that note my good friends I want to wish you a very Happy New Year one full of positive intentions.

Much Love and gratitude for you all.



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