The Next Step. . . .

The Next Step….


So here goes.  Monday 12th October sees me embarking on what will be an intense but highly enjoyable week.  Yes I am formally starting my journey in becoming a successful professional coach.   I have already had my orientation call with the course tutor and was able to engage with two other trainee coaches.

Of course a little anxiety fills me but that comes nowhere close to the level of excitement I am also feeling and I am so looking forward to this part of the journey.  I have visualised this for such a long time and now it has manifested and is real.

I have received plenty of information to equip me with what to expect over the next few months but for me the most exciting aspects of this experience will be meeting new people and also looking within myself to assist me with the positive changes I am making.  A certified coach will support me in this experience.

Change is always good.  It may seem a little scary at times but none the less, it is all good. This part of the journey I believe is the next step forward to something bigger.

Life is good and is there to be enjoyed.

Bye for now.


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