Changes. . .

If you were to say to me six months that your life is going to change for the better Warren, I would have said how?  But the winds of change were beginning to blow.  Back in March 2014 I took the decision to apply for voluntary redundancy.  The offer was there but most importantly the opportunity was there for the taking.  How could I not. This was the moment my life changed.  I would be lying if I didn’t see this as daunting and perhaps a little risky, but wasn’t that the fun of it.   I know at this stage in my life I wanted to make positive changes and this opportunity was going to allow me to train in the career I desired, a life /workplace coach because I knew that was what I was good at.  Obviously I talked this over with my family but on top of a career change there would be a location change.  These changes that would bring me to a place I had yearned for.    This would mean closing a door on an old and tired part of my life and opening a door to a new, fresh and exciting one.  One that would bring me success in my personal and professional life.


There are those who have asked me if I felt I was too old to make such changes in my life?  My response was a resounding NO! Age had nothing to do with it.  Inside I felt it was right and my age never crossed my mind.  This was my moment and I was not going to let it slip through my hands.  I wanted this and I am very excited about this journey.  A journey of great new experiences and the opportunity to share with everyone I know.


I want to take those chances. Change I saw was a good thing, the chance to do those things I have always thought about.  This has catapulted me in to something new.  Yes I am anxious but when I think of what is ahead of me fills me with excitement.   Ne country, new home, new career and new people.

I have it all planned.  What’s the saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” I am riding with that mantra.


Many people have made changes to their lives and have been successful.   I intend to be one of those.


So here I go on a new journey of endless possibilities.  Watch this space.

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