Love Yourself. . .

Today  I received on my Facebook page a post posted by Simple Reminders and written by Steven Maraboli about loving yourself.  I read the post and felt the need to share this on Healthy Self Life Coach.

I have been told in the past that before you can love anyone you must first love yourself.  I was cynical about this train of thought and felt I loved many people including myself.  However a couple of those very individuals myself included spent their life putting me down.  Result self low esteem and a poor impression of one self.  Sound familiar.  This can lead to all sort of issues.

It took time and most of all courage to look in the mirror and say Warren you are okay, you are a good guy and I love you.

The post encourages you to let go of those who have put you down in the past and the negativity that comes with them.  It also suggests that you create an environment that provides nourishment to your personal growth.

Its simple.  Surround yourself with those who appreciate you for who you are not what they want you to be.  Look around you for the positive aspects and continually tell yourself how special you are and how much you love yourself.  This is not about vanity but about inner appreciation.  Others will begin to notice how good you look and sound because of your positive, loving inner self.  Most importantly its about you starting to notice how good you look, feel and sound.

When you feel good the world around looks good and you are truly connected to your inner source creating a positive environment.  This in turn will lead to you attracting all that is good.

So when you are near a mirror look at yourself and say I look good.  I feel good.  Today is a good day and I LOVE YOU.

Love Peace and Happiness

Warren Ali


Love Yourself. . . .

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