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So here we are, January 31st and coming to the end of the first month of 2014; and where are we with our intentions for the year?  How many have gone down that slippery slope of making the intention of doing something, then losing the momentum the very next day?  Quite a few I can imagine.  However all is not lost!

As mentioned in my earlier post “New Year, New Me”, intentions should not only be made at the beginning of a new year, but throughout the course of it.  So get back on that road again and set your focus.

What does Healthy Me mean to you?  For me it is not only about going to the gym or starting a new diet.  Don’t get me wrong, they are important but those are just the outward, physical aspects of being healthy.  What about the mental parts of our physical existence?  How many of us give our mind the attention it really needs?  The mind is the starting point, the most fundamental organ within us all that will assist us in getting the physical parts of our bodies, healthy again.

This for me has to be the first step to being healthy.  If you were to focus for just five minutes on your mind, your thoughts and your feelings; what conclusions about your life would you come to?  I would hazard a guess you would not like those conclusions.  But, we all have to start somewhere!

For some, 2013 was not all that great, and for some it was the best.  Either way, the mind still needs as much TLC as we give our bodies when setting out our intentions.  Why? Without a healthy mind, you cannot have a healthy body.  Think about that when you are having those moments and your thoughts are in a negative place.  They are just having a great big party in your head, and consequently your body suffers.  You have no energy, you may have a headache or you just feel down right sick.  Negativity is nasty, it has no scruples and is probably the number one cause of stress.  Stress, some would say is the major cause and root of many diseases.

So think about this.  If we had less anger, less criticism, less self-loathing and guilt etc., just think how healthy our minds and lives would be.

How many of us actually put ourselves down?  Quite a few I would think.  We stand in the mirror and what we see in our mind is an overweight body, spots, ugliness etc.  The list is endless, yet we don’t actually say to ourselves “wow, I look great” or “I Love You.”  I am just as guilty of this as the next person.


So what are we going to do about it?  Simple!!  Below are a few examples on how we can get a healthier mind:

– Go to bed with a good thought e.g. “Today was a good day.  Thank You.”

– Wake up and appreciate a good night’s sleep.

– Wake up and say to yourself “Today is a good day because I choose it to be so.”

– Go through the day seeing the good in everyone and everywhere.

– A smile.

– Give a genuine “thank you” as often as you can.


These are just some of the ways to program your mind into a better feeling place and with that, comes a much healthier you.


Remember if you want to be healthy, start with the mind and it will all fall into place.


Peace, Love and Happiness.

Warren Ali

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