Whenever You Feel….

Whenever You Feel Negativity Rising In You, whether caused by external factors, a thought, or even nothing in particular that you are aware of , look on it as a voice saying ” Attention. Here and Now. Wake Up. Get out of your mind.  Be present ”

Even the slightest irritation is significant and needs to acknowledged and looked at,  otherwise there will be a cumulative build-up of unobserved reactions.

Eckhart Tolle


For me this was very true last Friday when I woke up with negative thoughts / feelings.  I could not fathom why or where they were coming from but I knew in that moment I had to address the feelings positively.  This I managed to do during the walk from the bus stop in the city centre to the train station.  Had I not I would have built up a catalogue of negative thoughts and this would not have served me well especially in a customer facing environment.

How many of you have experienced this and how many of you have addressed the moment in a positive way ?

Your thoughts would be welcome.

Peace, Love and Happiness.




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