A Perfect Day

I recently heard a TV personality’s remark over the Holiday period that “Christmas is, after all, a time for reflection.” For the majority who celebrate Christmas, this remark may possibly be very true. It may also possibly be true for other religious groups celebrating their own annual festivities of such magnitude as Christmas. For others still, the New Year may be their preferred time to reflect.

But what is this time for reflection and what should we reflect on? The answers to this are as varied, complex and multi-facetted as we choose them to be. However, I prefer to choose simplicity over complex. By choosing to reflect on the magnificence that is the world around us, by focussing on what many would consider the simple things of life, I choose to revel in the beauty and wonder that every passing day brings me. It is easier to face life’s little hiccups when you give thanks and appreciate regularly than to save it all up for only one day out of 365.

So, if you wish to reflect then do so as often as you can.

I was reminded of a BBC TV programme from a few years ago, called “The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends” and I re-called the sweet voice of Miriam Stockley singing “A Perfect Day.” This delicate song has stayed in my mind for almost a couple of decades but today I wish to share its beauty and simplicity with you. I hope you will enjoy as much as I have always done. The following video will show you how easy it is to reflect and what beauty there is in our world to reflect on. Watch as often as you wish and let your spirit rise……..

The rain has moved on
And left a new day
Nothing seems to move everything is still
It’s just a perfect day

The shadows and light
That move with the wind
Hidden violets grow splashed with summer spray
Just another perfect day

On the wild and misty hillside
Fear is nature’s warning
Hunger here is never far away

And all of this world
Is for children who play
Days that never end
always should remain
Another perfect day

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