Today Is A Good Day.

“Today is a good day, because I choose it to be so”.

I have created a new tab for Affirmations, at the very top of this page.  This page explains what affirmations are and how to use them effectively.  I have re-created the bottom half of that page below as a post for your enjoyment and understanding.  If you would like to read the full Affirmation page you can do so by clicking “here”.

Let’s start off simply.

When you wake first thing in the morning and you’re lying in bed.  Think of something pleasant, something (or someone) that makes you feel good.  Then say to yourself before getting up, “Today is a good day, because I choose it to be so”.  Lay there enjoying the comfort of your bed for a few more moments, then just get up and go about your normal routine.  Constantly say it to yourself as often as you can throughout your day.  If something (or someone) upsets you, try to think about the pleasant something again and repeat your affirmation over and over.

I cannot stress the importance of doing this consistently and believing in it.  Keep doing it daily and before you see it yourself, others will notice very small changes in you; more positive changes that will bring you rewards far greater than you can presently imagine.

I will be posting Affirmations regularly to keep you on track and will be categorizing them to make it easy for you to find a particular subject.  If you wish to leave a comment, you can do so at the end of each post.  Please keep up with them and I’d love to hear your news and stories.

Best of luck!

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